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VBrick EtherneTV

Nov 14, 20031 min
Data Center

If you’re developing a corporate TV system akin to an internal cable provider make sure to check out VBrick’s latest offering EtherneTV. You can read the news about it here. Here’s my take. VBrick already had some cool appliances for encoding and delivering MPEG either live or on-demand. This new EtherneTV suite takes it to the next level with the Media Control Server (MCS) and video on-demand servers (Kasenna boxes) as well as the sleak new set-top boxes (meaning a standard TV can display content coming off the data network.) One thing the network administrators will like is the just-in-time player delivery. There’s nothing to preinstall on the user’s desktop, MCS delivers the necessary components when a stream is requested. No worrying about if a user has the right version or puzzle pieces.

Note, this is not for creating a streaming media network do deliver content over the Internet. VBrick specializes in high-qualiry MPEG video delivery, be it MPEG-1, 2 or 4. For live events (i.e. delivering CNN to everyone’s desktop) multicast support in the LAN is a must. For on-demand, a 100 megabit network is a minimum.