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ViewCentral signs partners

Nov 25, 20031 min
Data Center

ViewCentral this week announced that its Collaboration Management Solution (CMS – not to be confused with the software that manages our web site) now integrates with all the major Web conferencing providers: Microsoft Live Meeting (formerly PlaceWare), WebEx, MCI, Raindance, Interwise and Centra. ViewCentral offers to outsource meeting setup, registration, payment, management and other tasks for both in-person and virtual meetings, be they video, audio or Web. CMS is a hosted application that customers can access via a browser from anywhere they have Internet access. With the new partners, ViewCentral customers can go to one place the schedule a meetings, build a registration and payment system, and get custom reporting. With corporate staffing levels down, ViewCentral could be a good option for managing the logistics of a big meeting with a small staff.