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MPEG4 analysis tool

Dec 02, 20031 min
Data Center

The problem with standards is that if one group impements the specification slightly different than another group, interoperability is thrown out the window. For those developing or working with MPEG-4 content and software there’s a new tool on the market for testing interoperability and standards compliance: Mindego’s MPEG-4 Analyzer. Targeted at the MPEG technical types, the Windows-based MPEG-4 Analyzer software can test encoding systems or be used to “interrogate” incoming MPEG-4 streams. Mindego sells the tool in two versions: the MA-4500 and MA-4000, the latter shipping with a slightly smaller feature set. Pricing is set at $5,995 for the MA-4500 and $3,495 for the MA-4000.