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Who dictates the format?

Dec 29, 20031 min
Data Center

In RealNetworks’ suit of Microsoft, Real is claiming Microsoft is using its monopoly operating system position to force its media player on the consumer, leaving competing players at a disadvantage. But in this article, on analysts says its not about who makes the player, but more about who makes the content:

“It’s not clear to me where the billion dollars of unspecified damages came from,” said Sanford C. Bernstein software analyst Charlie Di Bona, who questioned whether Microsoft actually controls which media player is used, as Real Networks suggests. “Fundamentally, I think it’s content providers who dictate the use,” Di Bona said.

An excellent point. Here at Network World, we encode our primers in both Real and Windows Media format. Personally, I think the Real format gives a slightly better user experience because the slides play in the player, rather than in a separate browser window as they do with the Windows Media version. But, the hits on the Windows Media version are easily double those of the RealPlayer version.