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Radvision and 3G

Feb 24, 20042 mins
Data Center

At the 3GSM World Congress, Radvision announced it is expanding its reach in the 3G cellular market with its new ViaIP Multimedia Streaming Solution, a gateway appliance that helps convert traditional IP video into a format usable by mobile devices. The new offering will help support such applications as video mail and streaming of live or on-demand video clips. Radvision’s technology implements the 3G-324M protocols for transporting video between the service provider and mobile device. In the case of streaming live video from a traffic camera, the Radvision box can use a single feed from the camera to serve multiple mobile devices, helping conserve the limited number of simultaneous connections the camera can support. Exact pricing is not available, but will depend on the number of concurrent calls the server will handle.

Radvision also announced a number of new protocol toolkits for developing video and mobile related applications or service. The new toolkits, which include the necessary protocol stacks, are for SIP, SIP servers, 3G-324M, RTSP client and RTP/RTCP development.

“If you’re Seimens, Nortel, Alcatel or a start-up that wants to build a RTSP streaming server you can buy the development toolkit that gives you the protocols and stacks. as well as higher level APIs for IP phone, gateways and more,” says Eli Doron, Radvision’s founder and chief technology officer.

Pricing is not available for the toolkits, but will comprise of licensing, maintenance and royalties.