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Live concert recordings

Mar 10, 20041 min
Data Center

My wife and I attended the Barenaked Ladies show last week in nearby Manchester, NH and while waiting for them to come on stage an ad for their music download site appeared on the big screens next to the stage. The site lets you download a recording of the concert you’re attending (actually, any show on the tour) for $13.99. This past weekend, I got around to downloading the 176 megabyte file (thank God for broadband) which contained two MP3 files (two CDs worth) and some cover art that you could print out. The quality of the sound is great (better than the acoustics at the concert venue itself) and you get everything – from the interactions with fans to the cheering of the crowd wanting an encore (was that me I heard?). This is a great service that I hope more groups/artists start offering. It’s a way for them to make money of “bootlegs” and for the consumer to enhance their concert-going experience.