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RSS and BitTorrent collide

Mar 26, 20041 min
Data Center

Interesting concept being floated around the blogosphere: Combining the power of RSS aggregation with the BitTorrent download system to more easily and cheaply distribute large files (most likely audio and video). BitTorrent uses multiple sources to download a single file, meaning no one source needs a fat pipe to the ‘Net and the downloader gets a more consistent download speed. Web consultant Andrew Grumet has already developed a prototype that allows files to be selected via RSS and downloaded overnight using BitTorrent.

According to Grumet, an RSS feed of one’s favorite bands, actors, shows, games or other “big media objects” could be kept up-to-date on a computer desktop for daily perusal, rather than forcing music and movie fans to suffer the “click and wait” delay associated with downloading huge files on demand.

Read Wired’s article on the subject here.