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Kasenna adds vForge and vFusion

Apr 05, 20041 min
Data Center

Kasenna this week added two new products designed to tie their MPEG hardware together with other applications: vForge and vFusion. vForge is a frame work that allows Kasenna customers to add new video services (i.e. PVR technology) using Java code. Targeted at ISVs and large corporate users, vForge (built on J2EE) can be used customize applications for a deployment of Kasenna MediaBase servers. vFusion is targeted more at network administrators that oversee large video networks made up of multiple MediaBase units. Customers can use vFusion to manage content distribution, in-take and storage from a central environment.

Both products came out of technology Kasenna has developed for its hospitality clients and are targeted at service providers looking to give customers a “triple play” option of voice, data and video over a single connection. vForge and vFusion are available today.