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Digital media in 2010

Apr 07, 20041 min
Data Center

The IBM Institute for Business Value predicts that the way consumers will view and interact with digital media – especially broadcast and film – will fundamentally shift by 2010 (seems a long way off, but is only six years down the road):

The landscape of the industry will change so dramatically that, in order to survive, media companies will have to move to a truly open environment, allowing consumers around-the-clock access to protected media content for variable fees and the ability to largely control their own media and entertainment experiences.

Consumers will not be the only beneficiaries of this shift. Content owners will have more tools at their disposal for mining viewer information and tracking “buzz.”

Seems daunting. Of course, IBM does happen to have a services arm and technologies that can aid in making this transition. And for those wondering what the IBM Institute for Business Value is: “The IBM Institute for Business Value develops fact-based strategic insights for senior business executives around critical industry-specific and cross-industry issues.”