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Polycom adds to VSX line

Apr 20, 20041 min
Data Center

Polycom’s got a new, but expensive, desktop gizmo targeted at the executive-level desktop. The new VSX3000 (view image) includes a 17-inch flat-panel display, built-in speakers that can support 14-KHz audio, a pan-tilt-zoom camera, Advanced Encryption Standard and support for the H.264 video compression standard. It also can be used as a computer monitor. What’s cool is the the videoconference part of the unit will put up on-screen alert if you’re using the system as a regular monitor when a call comes in. Just hit the input button on the front of the unit and bang, you’re in the video call.

There are two models of the VSX 3000 available: An IP-only model capable of up to 2M bit/sec for $4,999 and a IP/ISDN combo for $6,499. An optional 4-port MCU is available for $2,999.