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Wish I had one of these

May 18, 20041 min
Data Center

Last week at Networld+Interop, I shot two 45-minute video segments will be combined with slide presentations and posted online. The problem is capturing and encoding the video. I have to suck the video off my camera in real-time, so there’s 90 minutes gone right there. This one step alone could be nearly eliminated with the addition of a DV capture device that records video direct to hard drive via Firewire. I’ve stumbled across two such devices so far: Laird Telemedia’s capdiv Direct DV Recorder ($999 for 3 hour capacity) and Shining Technology CitiDisk ($599 for a 20GB model). Video is capture to the harddrive then can be transferred to the PC via a Firewire connection at faster than real-time speeds, saving a ton of otherwise idle capture time.