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Software endpoint from Polycom?

Jul 15, 20041 min
Data Center

During lunch today here at the Wainhouse show, the guy sitting next to me asked about Polycom’s software-only endpoint. Oooohhh, hadn’t heard that one yet. He heard that it was due out anytime with a price point of $149. Given the recent evolution of Polycom’s products, my guess is the software endpoing will support H.264 at the very least. No word on any other specs for the product. Such an endpoint would compete with VCON’s vPoint.

Going a bit deeper, the release of a software endpoint would seem to bring an end to the ViaVideo desktop product. But given the fact that H.264 requires a ton of processing power (according to the VCON folks), ViaVideo could still stick around for lower power machines that need its on-board video processing capabilities. We’ll have to keep an eye out.