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Avistar adds IP to portfolio

Aug 06, 20041 min
Data Center

Avistar, which makes a proprietary videoconferencing system designed more for intra-corporate use, is adding an IP desktop endpoint to its line of offerings. Previously, Avistar’s desktop offering used existing wiring but ran in a circuit switch mode. The new endpoint, the AC300 IP, connects to a standard PC for network connectivity, but does all the videoencoding on its own hardware set.

To support the new IP endpoint, Avistar has upgraded its AvistarVOS server operating system that ties all the endpoints together and also acts as a gateway to the outside world. Version 8.0 can do bandwidth management and support quality of service levels if the LAN supports it. Avistar is using SIP to communicate with its IP based endpoints. Customers can still mix both circuit-switched and IP desktops in a videoconferencing implementation.