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WiredRed releases an SDK

Aug 06, 20041 min
Data Center

Webconferencing software provider WiredRed has released an XML-based SDK for its e/pop offering, allowing third-parties to rebrand and/or customize the application to their own needs. Using a SOAP interface, developers can use any piece of e/pop they may need, including video, audio, application/desktop sharing and remote control capability.

“We’ve created a full set of APIs and documentation, so if you’re a developer and want to go in and create a conference on server you can manipulate every aspect of the conferense server itself,” says Allen Drennan, CTO/founder of WiredRed.

Application service providers could use the e/pop SDK to build their own WebEx offering if the wished, Drennan says. The company is targeting ASPs and corporate users that want a behind-the-firewall Webconferencing product. The SDK is available now.