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Raindance enhances security

Aug 11, 20041 min
Data Center

Raindance Communication today rolled out a new version of its Raindance Meeting Edition featuring increased security options, new installation methods and enhancements to its presentation system. Version 1.2 now allows users to encrypt their Webconferecning session (including audio and video) using a combination of SSL and PKI technologies. Also, the new installation method allows customers to install the presenter module without having administrator rights on the target system, a nice thing given the audience for this is sales people and not techies. Another enhancement deals with the presentation engine, which has been streamlined to use bandwidth more efficiently.: For slides with a repetitive background image, the image is only downloaded to the client once.

As more people jump on the Webconferencing bandwagon, security is becoming more of an issue. Look for Raindance competitors to add similar features, if they don’t have them already.