• United States adds Webconferencing features

Sep 28, 20042 mins
Data Center today unveiled a number of enhancements to the Webconferencing piece of its collaboration offerings. The new updates include SSL encryption of conferences, videoconferencing capability, record and playback, and 14-day trial accounts for those looking to test the service.

Of the four, the videoconferencing and record/playback catches our eye. One the videoconferencing front, can now capture video from a standard Webcam for each presenter in the meeting (every participant can be deemed a presenter). This isn’t 385K bit/sec videoconferencing that Polycom and Tandberg users are accustomed, more talking head to provide a more personal touch between presenter and attendee.

For record and playback, users can choose to record either audio, web or both. Everything is stored on the servers for playback in Windows Media format. This is a great feature for people who may have missed a live meeting but still want to find out what was said or presented.

Corporate users can add the Webconferencing features to their accounts for $149.95 per month. This allows anyone in the organization with an account to use the service as much as they want, up to 25 concurrent users. The base package starts at $59.95 for five users.