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ShuttlePro 2 is a big help

Dec 18, 20051 min
Computers and PeripheralsData CenterVideo

I’ve had a ShuttlePro 2 device from Contour Designs sitting in a box on a bookshelf in my cube for quite some time, but never have gotten a chance to try it out until this week. Wow, do I wish I had done it sooner. This handy device makes navigating a video editing timeline much, much easier. And, I thought it would be odd to use it along side a mouse (right hand on the mouse, left on the ShuttlePro), but I’ve adapted quickly. The jog wheel and programmable shortcut buttons make selecting in/out points and inserting video a breeze. Plus, it’s much easier to scrub through a video with the ShuttlePro than it is with a traditional mouse. If you do a lot of video (or even audio) editing, the cost of a ShuttlePro 2 is worth every penny.