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The Times backs net neutrality

Feb 20, 20061 min
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If gigantic ISPs are to be prevented from creating a two-tiered Internet where deep-pocketed content creators crush competition and innovation, it’s going to take more than the protests of technologists and trade-press editors.

No, the so-called network neutrality debate will be settled in the halls – and back rooms – of Congress, which makes bringing the issue to the attention of less technical lawmakers and voters a top priority.  The New York Times takes an important step in that direction today with an editorial voicing strong support for net neutrality legislation. It concludes with a bit of a warning:

“Some I.S.P.’s are phone and cable companies that make large campaign contributions, and are used to getting their way in Washington. But Americans feel strongly about an open and free Internet. Net neutrality is an issue where the public interest can and should trump the special interests.”

Can and should lose all the time in Washington unless lawmakers convince themselves that they have no choice but to do the right thing.

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