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Shooting video in a moving vehicle

Feb 24, 20061 min
Data CenterVideo

Our most ambitious Cool Tools video shoot to date involved testing the Kyocera KR1 mobile router, which uses EV-DO to connect to the Internet rather than DSL or cable, in a moving car. As I found out, shooting video with a handheld camera is not easy when the vehicle is moving, particularly over the bumpy winter roads here in New England. Road noise is an issue as well, compounded by the fact I relied on our Canon GL1’s built-in Mic. That and the compression down to 18Kbps of audio made for a bit of a mess. If we ever try something like this again, we’ll have to borrow the SUV they use for the show “Blind Date”. It’s rigged with plenty of cameras and the shots always come out great, even if the content itself stinks.