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Deloitte and VMware announce cloud-services practice

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Apr 18, 20222 mins
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A partnership between VMware and Deloitte is designed to help shepherd enterprises through the process of deploying distributed-cloud architectures.

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Consulting giant Deloitte has expanded its long-standing partnership with VMware to create the Deloitte VMware Distributed Cloud (DVDC) practice, designed to help clients moderninze their applications and migrate to the cloud.

Monty Bhatia, vice president of Global Systems Integrators at VMware said via email there are no new services or products coming from the alliance, just the creation of the practice within Deloitte, which brings in existing capabilities from Deloitte with a broader portfolio of VMware Cross-Cloud services.

“So[we are] moving the partnership beyond a focus on cloud modernization and migration, and more towards driving multi-cloud and app transformation projects,” he said.

VMware introduced Cross-Cloud services just last year. It is a group of integrated services designed to enable rapid cloud adoption and deployment and consists of five core elements: a platform for building and deploying cloud-native apps; the infrastructure to run those cloud apps; cloud management for monitoring performance; security and networking across multi-cloud operations; and a digital workspace to enable access to apps from any device.

The app deployment component is Tanzu, VMware’s implementation of the Kubernetes microservices and container platform. It is designed for migrating on-premises apps to the cloud and handles all the underlying cloud connectivity, security, and scaling so customers can just deal with their business logic. Deloitte plans to use Tanzu as its cloud-migration platform.

Adopting Tanzu and containers means clients need to adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies along with modern developer tools and platforms, said Bhatia.

“Kubernetes is emerging as the de facto platform for app modernization, so we do see our companies playing the role of consultant and advisor in helping customers drive business outcomes from the adoption of Kubernetes. Tanzu will play a big part in the partnership moving forward as a platform for application modernization across multi-cloud and edge environments,” he said.

Part of the practice includes migrating on premises apps to the cloud, with multiple options for cloud end points (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others). VMware also supports customers across both VMware-based and native public clouds through the combination of Deloitte’s industry experience and VMware Cross-Cloud services.

The practice is available now.

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