Ballmer gets his new car delivered by Ford CEO

Gates and Mulally

Perhaps its telling that Ford is selling so few cars these days, its CEO can personally deliver vehicles to high-tech big-shots like Microsoft's Steve Ballmer. Or maybe both CEOs just wanted an opportunity for a non-news photo op.

So it was with some fanfare that Ford CEO Alan Mulally delivered Steve Ballmer's new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid in person at Microsoft's Redmond headquarters this week.

"Hehehe! Hahaha! Beautiful, man!" Ballmer said.

Mulally said the car was actually the 1 millionth Ford to come with the Microsoft Sync hands-free entertainment and information technology, for controlling media, making calls and getting information using voice commands. 

According to Reuters the "high-octane double-act of Ballmer and Mulally - CEO pitch-men par excellence - seals an interesting alliance between Seattle and Detroit. Ford's Mulally lived in the Seattle area in his 30-plus years at Boeing's nearby commercial plane operations, while Ballmer's father - who raised his family in and around Detroit - was a long-time Ford employee, starting in the company's financing unit in 1950."

A 41MPG hybrid isn't exactly what many CEO's drive.  The Automotoportal. Com site took a look at some of the cars that famous geeks drive.  Balmer's former boss Bill Gates of course has some of the coolest, owning a couple Porsches.

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