Nimbus aims to make storage-area networking a Breeze for SMBs

* Nimbus unveils IP SAN appliances

Nimbus Data Systems last week announced two iSCSI and network-attached storage appliances - the Breeze VH630 and the Breeze MH860 - for use in midsize enterprises.

Both appliances connect to the network either as an iSCSI appliance or as NAS. They make use of 10Gbit Ethernet technology and incorporate Serial Attached SCSI interfaces on the back end. The Breeze appliances also include drives from Serial ATA to Serial Attached SCSI to solid state disk.

The Nimbus Breeze VH630, which is optimized for server virtualization, has two 10Gbit Ethernet ports and four Gigabit Ethernet ports for attachment to the network and four Serial Attached SCSI ports for attachment to storage. It has 22 drives for an upwards capacity of 192TB. It starts at $75,000.

The Nimbus Breeze MH860, which is focused on storing rich content, has the same number of ports, but supports as many as 32 drives. It starts at $120,000.

Both appliances have solid state disk support – the VH630 has 32GB of mirrored disk; the MH860 has 64GB of mirrored disk.

The operating system for the Breeze appliances is called HALO – it offers storage virtualization (Compare Storage Virtualization products), RAID, replication, snapshots and auto-monitoring capability. In addition, the Breeze appliances support Microsoft’s Common Internet File System (CIFS) and the Unix/Linux Network File System (NFS).

Nimbus Data Systems was founded in 2003 by Thomas Isakovich, formerly of TrueSAN. The company claims customers such as Agilent, Accenture, Cardinal Health, Bank of America and Lockheed Martin.


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