Cloudflare wins managed DNS shootout

Strong showings from Dyn, DNS Made Easy, AWS Route 53

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An effective DNS (Domain Name System) infrastructure is a critical component of system uptime, which is essential to the viability and continuity of web services. For complex websites, a third of page load time can be attributed to DNS lookups. Inadequate or improperly configured DNS can have a potentially catastrophic impact on a company’s online presence.

For many enterprises, deploying a fully built-out DNS network may not be feasible. Thus, many have turned to third-party DNS providers. In this review, we look at four major managed DNS providers: Dyn, Amazon Web Services Route 53, Cloudflare and DNS Made Easy.

These four were selected based on a combination of market share, points of presence, features and management tools. All four are cloud-based, which means there is no software or hardware needed on the customer’s end. Several of these products offer additional features such as Web hosting, internet security, content delivery etc., but our focus was on the core managed DNS service.

The data center we used for this review hosts multiple websites with anywhere from a few hundred to upwards of 10,000 unique visitors per day. Although our review was not focused on speed, we did some informal speed checking compared to our in-house DNS servers and found that the hosted solutions were generally faster.

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