Juniper targets WAN automation with new software suite

Juniper unveils Paragon Automation suite that promises to help eliminate manual tasks and workflow processes

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Juniper has unwrapped a suite of automation software it says will help users ensure their wide area network and cloud-connected services are running properly and cost-effectively.

The company’s Paragon Automation suite promises to help eliminate manual tasks and workflow processes to make sure WAN operations are working as expected and, if not, quickly fix problems.

The suite, which is aimed at large enterprises and service operators, includes an amalgamation of technology from Juniper’s existing NorthStar controller and Healthbot network-diagnostics packages combined with other organically developed features in combination with software it got with its recent Netrounds acquisition.

According to Juniper, Netrounds brought it a programmable, service-assurance package that uses software-based and traffic-generating test agents that can be run on premises or used and delivered as a cloud service.

The suite also includes a multi-vendor configuration and compliance-management module called ATOM, from Juniper partner Anuta Networks.

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