Cisco tightens its SD-WAN ties with Microsoft

Cisco's latest SD-WAN software upgrade picks the best link between remote users and Microsoft SaaS applications and better supports voice and video networks.

sd-wan options

Cisco has released a new version of it SD-WAN software that adds the ability to reinforce links between remote users and Microsoft Office 365 applications and better support voice and video networks.

The new features are part of the latest release of Cisco’s core SD-WAN software that  can control the connectivity, management, and services between data centers and remote branches or cloud instances.  SD-WAN deployments typically include routers and switches or virtualized customer-premises equipment (vCPE) all running some version of software that handles policy, security, networking functions, and other management tools.

Cisco has in recent years made tying its SD-WAN software closer to key cloud players such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft a priority.

This release further integrates support for Microsoft’s Informed Network Routing technology that lets customers share Microsoft 365 app feedback telemetry with networking vendors and to receive network link telemetry from them, according to Jeevan Sharma, Manager, Product Management, Enterprise Cloud & SD-WAN group at Cisco in a blog about the enhancements.

Sharma wrote that enterprises may have multiple options to route traffic from branch sites to Microsoft SaaS applications such as Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint.

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