South Asia data centre guide 2022: Country by country

India is the hotbed of data centre investments, but all nations in the region are investing in their own facilities as well.

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All the nations of South Asia, including the smallest or least developed, realise the importance of data centres: to support their own economies and technology development goals, and in some cases to earn foreign currency.

Even tiny Bhutan, with a population less than 1 million, boasts four data centres. And Bangladesh, ranked 40th by GDP, boasts the world’s seventh-largest data centre.

Here is Network World Asia’s guide to data centres in South Asia.

Data centres in Afghanistan

We have been able to identify four data centres in Afghanistan. The most important is the Afghanistan National Data Center (ANDC) operated by the Afghan government. Its stated objective is to provide data centre services to the government of Afghanistan and to be a “reliable and state-of-the-art platform for various ICT applications and systems under the e-government and m-government program of MCIT [Ministry of Communication and IT].” It is located in the heart of Kabul, close to MCIT. It was opened in 2009 and built by Dubai-based Grand Technology Resources. Advertised services are web and email hosting, dedicated managed hosting, data backup, and colocation.

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