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AT&T teams with Avaya for enterprise VoIP

Jan 25, 20061 min

AT&T and Avaya have launched an alliance to migrate businesses to VoIP.

Using Avaya gear to run VoIP traffic over AT&T’s IP backbone, the companies hope to smooth the way for customers that want to use VoIP in their businesses but also want to do so with a managed service.

While AT&T says its services can interoperate with customer-site gear from other vendors, with this alliance, AT&T offers management of the VoIP network down to the handset.

The alliance means AT&T supports Avaya’s Communications Manager and IP Office, among other products, with its IP Telephony and LAN Services.

Customers can outsource entire VoIP migration projects to AT&T including design, installation and ongoing upkeep. While Avaya gear may be part of the service, customers deal directly only with AT&T.