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Protecting e-mail

Jan 27, 20061 min

Latest anti-spam news.

Protecting e-mail, 01/23/06

E-mail authentication is not an either-or proposition. As businesses and e-mail service providers struggle to protect their customers and brands, they’re adopting any e-mail authentication method that can put the kibosh on spam and phishing – even if it is less than ideal.

Letters to the editor: “Vendors, users dispute FTC report on spam”, 01/23/06

Regarding “Vendors, users dispute FTC report on spam”: Let’s go back to Dec 2003, when the CAN SPAM Act was signed into law:

Messaging Newsletter: When you’re falsely accused of spamming, 01/19/06

The following came from someone on our mailing list with only light edits from me. While the type of spam problem she relates is well known, it’s worth discussing …