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Update: Nyxem worm: Quiet so far

Feb 03, 20065 mins

The Nyxem worm, also known by the names Kama Sutra, MyWife and Blackdoom, was set to activate a dangerous payload Feb. 3 that would wipe out files held in infected desktop computers. However, as the day moves forward hour by hour across the globe, security experts say they see few signs yet of widespread Nyxem damage.

“So far, we haven’t received any Nyxem damage reports,” writes Mikko Hypponen, manager of anti-virus research at F-Secure, in his Weblog. F-Secure has been tracking Nyxem infections over the past few weeks. According to Hypponen, “The vast majority of the machines infected by Nyxem are home computers.”

According to Hypponen, this may indicate that “the full scope of the problem won’t come to light until the weekend or early next week” when home-computer users find out their files have been overwritten by the Nyxem worm.

Marc Solomon, director of product management at McAfee – which calls the Feb. 3-activating virus the MyWife worm – also said there were no indications of widespread destruction at this point.

F-Secure and McAfee see the most frequent worm infections in India. McAfee said Peru is somewhat of a hot spot relative to the lack of activity seen elsewhere. He speculated this may be because computer users in these countries don’t use anti-virus software as frequently as those in other countries.