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Microsoft to issue one critical patch Tuesday

Mar 10, 20063 mins

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Microsoft to issue one critical patch Tuesday, 03/09/06

In its monthly patch release next Tuesday, Microsoft will issue one critical security bulletin concerning the Office suite and one bulletin on Windows that is rated important, the company said Thursday.

Government CIO survey: IT security is top concern, 03/13/06

CIOs at U.S. government agencies say they’ve made progress on several key issues, including IT security and modernizing their IT infrastructure, but still face major challenges in security and other areas, according to a survey released last week.

CEBIT – F-Secure launches e-mail security appliance, 03/10/06

F-Secure announced the launch of an e-mail filtering gateway that offers spam and virus protection and a single management console for network administrators.

CEBIT – Seagate and Secude partner on encrypted laptop, 03/10/06

Seagate Technology and Secude IT Security to offer a laptop that features full encryption of the hard drive and software.

China to issue 1.3 billion RFID identification cards, 03/09/06

China’s Ministry of Public Security, which oversees the country’s police force, plans to issue more than 1.3 billion second-generation resident identification cards based on radio frequency identification chips, according to an industry analyst at In- …

CEBIT – Sophos: IT managers want lower security costs, 03/09/06

Fighting increasing waves of spam and viruses, IT managers are requesting simpler applications that can deal with a range of threats at a lower cost, the top executive of security vendor Sophos said Thursday.

CEBIT – Fujitsu shows smaller, faster palm-vein sensor, 03/09/06

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a new model of their palm-vein security sensor that is smaller, faster and cheaper than the previous model, they said Thursday.

Security Weblog: RSA Security expands reach, 03/09/06

A recent chat with Art Coviello, CEO of RSA Security , offered insight into why RSA went out and bought Cyota last year, a very different type of business than RSA has traditionally been in. RSA Security is also extending its reach in other ways. The …

Credit unions’ identity-management systems need work, study says, 03/09/06

Credit unions are convinced that rolling out biometrics and other such identity-management systems is important, but most are still at the experimental stage, a new study finds.

European Commission to launch public inquiry into RFID, 03/09/06

New legislation may be required to regulate the widespread use of radio frequency identification tags, the European Commission said Thursday, announcing the beginning of a public inquiry to identify citizens’ concerns about the technology.

WAPI supporters ready a last stand in China, 03/08/06

Chinese companies are not giving up on efforts to promote adoption of a homegrown security protocol for wireless LANs called WAPI (WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure).

Security Weblog: The “facts” on Microsoft’s anti-spyware, 03/08/06

When Microsoft starts handing out “fact sheets,” it’s time to pay attention, because the Redmond giant can be hard to pin down on such things when it’s developing a new operating system or application. But in the ” fact sheet ” for “Microsoft Windows …

Spam volumes grew slightly in February, 03/08/06

The most recent e-mail report from security vendor Postini shows the amount of spam on the Internet increased slightly in February.