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Intel Developer Forum panel: Hurdles remain on road to faster Wi-Fi

Mar 10, 20062 mins

Latest standards and regulations news.

Intel Developer Forum panel: Hurdles remain on road to faster Wi-Fi, 03/08/06

The upcoming IEEE 802.11n standard, promoted as the key to wirelessly sharing high-quality multimedia content throughout a home, still faces some speed bumps on the way to making that vision a reality.

Oasis to push OpenDocument adoption, 03/07/06

On the heels of last week’s debut of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) Alliance, the OASIS standards body Tuesday said it was forming a similar group. But while the ODF Alliance seeks to encourage governments to adopt the electronic document format, the …

Feds joining wireless fraud case, 03/09/06

The U.S. Justice Department is joining a civil fraud case against a well-known Wall Street investor who allegedly was part of a wireless spectrum licensing scam in the 1990s.

House panel approves bill banning sale of phone records, 03/08/06

A House of Representatives committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would make it illegal for online companies to sell phone records they obtained by posing as account holders.

Analyst: IPTV faces infrastructure hurdles in China, 03/07/06

Infrastructure limitations for IP TV must be overcome before services can be rolled out, an analyst at In-Stat China said Tuesday.

Opinion: Keep the feds out of broadband, 03/06/06

Until someone convinces me the free market can’t do a better job than the feds at providing affordable broadband to everyone who wants it, let’s stick with the status quo.

Atempo acquires Storactive, 03/06/06

Data backup and recovery software provider Atempo has acquired Storactive, a small, privately held company that sells CDP (continuous data protection) software, said officials from both companies.

Microsoft seeks U.S. court intervention in EU, 03/03/06

Microsoft Friday asked three U.S. courts to force Sun, Oracle, IBM and Novell to produce documents pertaining to the European Union’s (EU’s) anti-trust case against the software vendor.