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Stratus fault-tolerant server starts under $10,000

Mar 10, 20062 mins
Data Center

Stratus Technologies this week updated the low end of its fault-tolerant server line to provide better remote management and the ability to make hardware repairs without planned downtime.

The new ftServer 2400, built on the same third-generation architecture as Stratus’ more expensive ftServer 4300, 4600 and 5700 models, provides a highly available platform starting at under $10,000. With the new architecture, cost-conscious customers now have access to Stratus’ ActiveService Network, which enables automatic, remote monitoring of systems to ensure continuous uptime.

Stratus’ servers are designed for high reliability with multiple system components that operate in lockstep so that if one component fails another picks up and the systems keep running. With the ActiveService Network, if a hard disk dies, for example, the second hard disk would keep the system running while a notice is sent through the Stratus network ordering a replacement part.

The ftServer 2400’s predecessor, the ftServer 2300, had to be powered down and then rebooted when hardware changes were made.

With the ftServer 2400, Stratus continues to push its fault-tolerant systems as a more cost-effective and simpler alternative to clusters of low-end servers, often used to create highly available environments. The server is geared for remote locations such as distribution centers, warehouses, branch offices, retail stores and small and midsize public safety dispatch centers where high availability and remote management features are critical.

The one-processor server comes in rack-mount or pedestal configurations with a single-core 3.2-GHz Xeon and up to 4G bytes of memory. It runs Microsoft Windows 2003.