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EMC readying storage arrays for SMBs

Mar 27, 20062 mins
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EMC readying storage arrays for SMBs, 03/27/06

EMC is expected to announce as soon as next week two arrays designed to make setting up and maintaining IP and Fibre Channel storage-area networks easier.

Network World 20th Anniversary: In networking, your money goes a lot further these days, 03/27/06

Need a modem? Go down to CompUSA and for $20 ($19.99, actually), you can pick up a 56Kbps modem card that also can send and receive faxes. It’s completely unremarkable (except perhaps for the question of why you’d even need a modem in this age of wireles

BBB gets in on data theft, 03/24/06

The Better Business Bureau is launching a national initiative to help small businesses protect their customer and employee data. The organization says that more than one-half of small businesses in the US have experienced a security incident in the …

Storage Weblog: When one of your own goes missing, 03/23/06

HP reported that a laptop containing the records of 196,000 HP employees was stolen last week. The records containing names, Social Security Numbers and compensation were for those employees participating in HP retirement plans. Fidelity Investments, …

Storage Newsletter: NetApp: What’s driving this anti-EMC company? Part 2, 03/23/06

This is the continuation of my previous column on what to expect from Network Appliance. Today, some commentary on what it’s doing and its strategic direction.

Storage Newsletter: NetApp: What’s driving this anti-EMC company? Part 1, 03/21/06

I spent two days last week with Network Appliance’s senior management. Today and in Thursday’s newsletter, I’ll share some of the key takeaways from those …