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Univa focuses on standards-based grids in data centers

Dec 20, 20051 min
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Univa focuses on standards-based grids in data centers, 12/19/05

Univa, a start-up formed to bring the standards-based Globus grid software to corporate data centers, plans to release its first product into beta this week, with general availability expected in the first quarter of next year.

App acceleration execs identify their top issues, 12/19/05

Invite to dinner six executives from the top application acceleration vendors and the discussion starts flying fast. Speeding things up is what these guys do for a living.

Novell, Red Hat join IBM’s strategic alliance program, 12/14/05

IBM is strengthening its existing partnerships with the two leading Linux distribution companies, Novell and Red Hat, the company announced Wednesday. The two vendors have joined the likes of SAP and Cisco as the top-10 partners in IBM’s highest level …

IBM opens high-performance file system, 12/14/05

IBM on Tuesday announced that it was loosening its grip on its high performance General Parallel File System, opening the source code to third-party vendors so that the software could run on hardware other than its own.