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A look at network modeling

Aug 18, 20041 min
Enterprise Applications

* A look at network modeling tools and what they can do

This week’s Technology Update takes a look at network modeling tools.

Our author ( says network modeling software analyzes the role of systems on a network, examining all inter-host relationships and communications. Collection devices placed in the network monitor traffic directly, either by capturing raw packets or from flow exports built by routers and switches.

From there, the data is aggregated centrally, and the relational network-modeling system processes it to find the common patterns of normal network traffic. By gathering data directly from a network, the model system accurately represents the network’s behavior from various observation points, including the ability to sort and graph by service, client and server.

What’s all that mean? Well, network modeling can help spot potential bottlenecks. It can help security watchers look for traffic anomalies. The software can also help users understand the complications of introducing new applications and technologies such as video or VoIP.

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