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Motive looks to build mgmt. into apps

Aug 23, 20042 mins
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Motive looks to build mgmt. into apps, 08/23/04

IT experts have long argued that management capabilities should be built into every application during development.

HP to manage IT for Finnish energy giant, 08/23/04

Finnish energy giant Fortum has signed a five-year agreement with HP to manage its IT infrastructure and support about 10,000 users across Europe.

CA looks to reduce ‘integration tax’, 08/23/04

CA last week detailed its Management Database, technology the company detailed at a briefing last week and which is expected to emerge in CA products as early as this year. Typically, each CA product has its own data repository, but with the new technology users will have the option to use a shared database or maintain a separate database for each CA applications.

Vendors automate content management, 08/23/04

Two content management vendors will broaden their product portfolios in the coming weeks to make it easier for customers to automate the error-prone job of archiving business documents.

Newsletter: Considering Linux storage management, 08/19/04

With Linux having penetrated the enterprise computer room to the extent that it now runs on everything from the smallest x86 white box server to the largest …

HP WORLD – HP moves network-scanning software into beta, 08/18/04

HP has moved its Active Counter Measures network security software into beta tests with a select group of European and North American customers in hopes of readying the product for a 2005 …

Start-up takes snapshot of Oracle, 08/17/04

3PAR, a start-up that makes a storage server for utility data centers, Tuesday introduced snapshot copy capability for Oracle 9i/Linux environments and server provisioning.