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Redline upgrades caching

Sep 09, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* New version of Redline Networks software revamps caching

Redline Networks this week plans to introduce a version of its data center appliance software, Redline RIOS 4.0, which now includes a feature dubbed 3G Cache that the company says will dynamically modify cached content for applications such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel and Oracle.

RIOS works with the company’s E|X line of appliances, which can be installed in front of corporate Web data centers. The appliances, loaded with software, offer a combination of compression, SSL acceleration, server load balancing, application security and denial-of-service attack prevention features. The new 3G Cache feature, Redline says, will enable application data from applications such as SAP and Oracle to be cached, something that cannot be done with standard Web caching technology.

The software uses Redline’s OverDrive technology to identify previously un-cacheable content in application tags and caching it. The company says OverDrive has the ability to read, understand and transform full Layer-7 HTTP content streams, including the header and the entire body, of client requests and server responses.

Caching this type of dynamic content on a Web site or application server offloads processor burden from servers to the E|X box and makes application servers more available to end users, Redline says. The cached data is stored in the E|X’s 2G bytes of RAM, which Redline says lets data be accessed faster than on hard-disk-based caching devices. Company test results show a 60% reduction in latency and a dramatic increase in server capacity using the 3G Cache feature.

RIOS 4.0 with 3G Cache is available now, starting at $5,000.