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In brief: Symantec beefs up Norton AntiVirus

Sep 13, 20041 min

Plus: Cybernet Systems bolsters Linux software.

Symantec last week introduced Norton AntiVirus 2005, the new version of its anti-virus software, adding an “outbreak alert” notification that delivers information about new virus and worms on the Internet.

The Windows-based software, which costs about $30, also will block some worms by blocking inbound ports.

Symantec also introduced Norton AntiSpam 2005, which can identify fraudulent e-mail addresses and filter out sexually explicit spam. AntiSpam 2005 costs about $40.

Cybernet Systems last week introduced NetMax Professional 5.0, the latest version of its Linux software. Version 5.0 features a Red Hat-based Linux server that is pre-configured to provide Apple/PC/Unix file sharing, e-mail, Web page serving, and firewall security.

NetMax 5.0 includes the Apache Web server and is pre-loaded on HP and Toshiba servers. NetMax 5.0 costs $231.