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XOsoft can recover failed app servers

Sep 14, 20042 mins
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XOsoft can recover failed app servers, 09/13/04

Storage software vendor XOsoft rolled out data protection software last week that the company says lets users instantly recover from application failures.

Data protection, mgmt. wares debut, 09/13/04

Computer Associates and start-ups InMage and Softek are expected to unveil software and hardware this week that helps IT professionals manage and protect the storage on their networks.

Newsletter: AMD doubles up processors, 09/09/04

AMD last week showed off its dual-core chip technology, which the company expects to ship next year. Dual-core technology enables the doubling of processors in a …

New IBM server to support dual-core Opteron, 09/09/04

IBM next week plans to begin shipping the second generation of its rack-mounted dual processor servers based on Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron microprocessor. The new server, called the eServer 326, …

Intel silent on Jayhawk replacement, 09/08/04

Intel Tuesday provided a few more details about future plans for its enterprise server processors, but the company maintained its silence on its plans for an upcoming dual-core Xeon processor, which it has …

Microsoft set to ship Virtual Server 2005, 09/08/04

Microsoft next month will release Virtual Server 2005, its first foray into server virtualization and a key element of the broad management platform the company is creating for Windows.

Intel executive: EM64T has set back Itanium, 09/08/04

Intel’s decision to begin shipping versions of x86 processors that are capable of 64-bit computing has slowed down the adoption of the company’s high-end Itanium processors, a senior executive …