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Developing talent from within

Jan 20, 20042 mins
Data Center

* Performaworks Succession Management

Leaders with a good succession plan in place should have an easier time filling key IT positions as employees depart or move up through their organization. However, coming up with such a plan does require some effort.

Performaworks offers a new tool to aid succession planning, Performaworks Succession Management. The product helps big organizations identify and develop star employees and create and manage succession plans for key positions. According to the vendor, succession planning reduces the risk of sudden changes in management, encourages movement within the company, and reduces the number of external hires and the recruiting expenses that go along with that.

The product is based on technology in use at storage vendor Seagate Technology, whose succession planning process recently earned a best-in-class ranking from the Corporate Leadership Council. Register online at to download the case study, “Seagate Drives a High-Performance Team Culture with Performaworks.”

Performaworks Succession Management is available as part of Performaworks Enterprise Suite 4.1 Web-based performance management software. For more information, go to

And speaking of developing your staff, Network World could use your help with an upcoming story. Training budgets have taken a hit in the last few years, making it more difficult to get your IT pros the skills they need to work with emerging technologies. We’re looking for your best tips for IT training on the cheap. If you’re willing to participate, please send along your suggestions and experiences to writer Linda Leung at