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MyDoom spreads quickly

Jan 28, 20043 mins

Latest security news.

New, fast-spreading worm spells ‘doom’ for many, 01/27/04

A new e-mail worm is spreading rapidly on the Internet, clogging e-mail servers and staging an attack on the Web site of Unix vendor The SCO Group, anti-virus software vendors said.

Lab test gives most IPS products high marks, 01/26/04

A comprehensive lab evaluation of six intrusion-prevention systems that automatically block attacks suggests IPS is ready for enterprise use despite concerns that false positives will lead to the blocking of legitimate traffic.

Review: Patch management, 01/26/04

In our test of SecurityProfiling’s SysUpdate 4.1.4 with its new Policy Compliance and Enforcement Module 1.0, we found that while the product is moving in the right direction toward policy-based patch management, it’s still a little rough around the edges.

Spyware, 01/26/04

What is spyware? And what harm can it do to my network? Even in its most innocuous form, spyware is an invasion of privacy.

TruSecure announces early warning system, 01/26/04

TruSecure Monday unveiled a new software product combining software vulnerability detection and remediation using information from TruSecure’s IntelliShield threat and vulnerability intelligence service.

AOL tests anti-spam technology, 01/26/04

Deluged by spam, AOL is trying a new technology for cracking down on a common spammer tool: forged sender addresses used to bypass blacklists and trick unsuspecting recipients.

NAI’s McAfee the latest to add anti-spyware, 01/23/04

Network Associates Inc. (NAI) will become the latest security software maker to address the growing problem of stealth surveillance software known as spyware when it announces a new consumer product for locating and removing the applications Monday.

Cisco warns of IP PBX security hole on IBM hardware, 01/23/04

Cisco this week released a security bulletin warning of a vulnerability in its IP telephony software running on IBM server hardware.

Experts challenge U.S. online voting system, 01/22/04

Citing concerns over security, four computer experts are urging the U.S. government to drop plans to allow U.S. civilians who reside oversees to cast their votes online.

LinuxWorld: SuSE, IBM gain higher security certification, 01/21/04

Raising the security bar one notch higher, SuSE Linux AG and IBM Wednesday said they have achieved a more rigorous security certification for Linux operating system software running on Big Blue servers.