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NetFlash: Domino faithful feel back in the fold

Jan 23, 20042 mins

With the Lotusphere conference returning early next week, Lotus Domino users are feeling pretty good about the direction of the software. While there have been some questions raised about Domino’s future, IBM has begun to make it clear that it has one. The first hint: product roadmaps that extend beyond 2004. At the conference, the focus will be on innovation. See our story for a sneak peek.

Domino faithful feel back in the fold

AOL testing new anti-spam technology

One of the worst aspects of spam is the way much of it uses forged sender addresses. AOL is hoping to stir up some organized resistance to the practice of address forgery through a new e-mail protocol called Sender Permitted From, or SPF.

SCO to Congress: Linux hurts the U.S.

The SCO Group has taken its fight with the Linux community to Capitol Hill. Earlier this month, the company sent the 535 members of Congress a letter that called Linux and open source software a threat to the security and economy of the U.S., SCO confirmed Thursday.

AT&T’s fourth quarter slumps

AT&T’s revenue continues to fall, but the carrier says it will not stand for losing business service market share.

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