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Europe sets date for Oracle-Peoplesoft decision

Jan 28, 20042 mins

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Europe sets date for Oracle-Peoplesoft decision, 01/27/04

The European Union will complete its investigation into Oracle’s bid for PeopleSoft by April 21, according to its Web site.

Draft EU ruling finds Microsoft guilty, 01/27/04

Microsoft’s chances of settling its European antitrust case are fading, as competition officials at the European Commission circulated a draft ruling to colleagues that finds the company guilty of abusing the monopoly power of its Windows operating system, people close to the Commission said Tuesday.

‘Next EDI’ gains key proponent, 01/26/04

A major commitment from the Department of Defense is expected to give a critical boost to a Web-based, business-to-business communications framework that supporters call the next EDI.

SIP is hip at, 01/26/04 has ridden through a decade of boom and bust since its founding in 1994, and technology has always been at its core. Recently, the firm started to integrate its Nortel Meridian PBX with the vendor’s Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100, a Session Initiation Protocol-based IP PBX and communications server. Aaron Branham, vice president of operations at Monster Technologies, the IT arm of the e-commerce outfit, discussed the benefits of SIP technology with Network World Senior Editor Phil Hochmuth.

IBM, partners push new Web services, 01/26/04

IBM and its partners last week introduced three specifications designed to support an event notification infrastructure for Web services that can be integrated with grid computing and systems management.

DOJ probing Blu-ray format group, 01/26/04

The Department of Justice has begun a preliminary investigation into the activities of the group of companies developing and promoting the Blu-ray Disc format, according to a report in Sunday’s online edition of the Wall Street Journal.