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Metrobility makes metro more manageable

Feb 26, 20042 mins

* Metrobility debuts carrier gear to extend manageable Gigabit Ethernet to customers

One of the top concerns carriers have expressed when considering Ethernet-based metropolitan-area networks is manageability. Metrobility Optical Systems addressed that concern last week with a device that has remote management and troubleshooting features.

Like other products from Metrobility, the E-Services Network Interface Device conforms to the IEEE 802.3ah draft standard for Ethernet in the First Mile, or Ethernet from a service provider network to their customers.

Through the management features, carriers can use the gear to better manage their service-level agreements with enterprise companies, Metrobility says. The idea is to do as much management as possible from a central office, without disrupting service.

The new device works at Gigabit Ethernet speeds; previous models were only able to perform remote management at 100M bit/sec or slower.

The device supports optical link loopback testing and integral optical power monitoring to watch the quality of the line and look for equipment and power information. Metrobility claims that the device eliminates the need for an IP address at each customer site and is “impervious” to denial-of-service attacks.

Metrobility cites predictions from Infonetics Research, which said that the worldwide metro Ethernet equipment market should grow 150% to $7.5 billion in 2007, as carriers go to a model of Ethernet and IP over optical networks.

The device consists of a Gigabit Ethernet Services Line Card mounted in a Radiance chassis. The card can support either copper or fiber connections, with 10/100/1000M bit/sec autonegotiation on the copper version and small form-factor pluggable optics on the fiber version. With single-mode fiber, the links can be 100 km long.