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NetFlash: MCI service rollouts hit variety of snags

Mar 22, 20042 mins

MCI customers are being put to the test again. After dealing with the company’s bankruptcy scandal they now have to face significant delays in receiving promised upgrades to their VPN and VoIP services.

MCI service rollouts hit variety of snags

Ten groups pitch new top-level domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has received applications for 10 new sponsored top-level domains (sTLD), helping to expand the Internet’s pool of Web site addresses by catering to narrower online communities.

Microsoft and its latest legal concerns

Last week, the Nebraska Supreme Court gave the green light for further procedures in a consumer class-action case that had previously been blocked by state courts. This week, and Microsoft are set to argue their sides in the latest twist of a prolonged, international trademark battle before a Seattle judge Wednesday. 

Microsoft, head to court Wednesday

Nebraska court resuscitates Microsoft lawsuit

BEA readies low-cost development tool

BEA Systems this week is expected to announce the availability of a low-cost Java development tool aimed at helping users more affordably build and deploy Web services and service-oriented architectures.

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