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IBM adds Brocade switches to BladeCenter

May 04, 20042 mins
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IBM adds Brocade switches to BladeCenter, 05/11/04

Two weeks after announcing plans to integrate an Ethernet switch from Cisco into its BladeCenter servers, IBM Tuesday will announce a similar deal with Brocade Communications to create new integrated Fibre Channel switches for the same line of high-density servers.

IBM ups the ante on Power servers, 05/10/04

IBM has been busy readying the next generation of its high-end Power microprocessor, and while it takes a different design approach than previous generations, the goal is the same: enabling bigger, faster …

Fast times for servers and apps, 05/10/04

Sluggish application servers and bottlenecked data center links are the targets of several new products scheduled to be announced this week at NetWorld+Interop.

Intel decides two cores are better than one, 05/07/04

Intel’s decision to scrap its single-core processor road map in favor of chips with two cores will help the company improve the performance of its future chips without having to rely on a power- …

Intel’s dual-core push results in diversion, 05/07/04

By the end of 2005, Intel will have shifted all of its processor designs for everything from notebook chips to symmetric multiprocessor servers to dual-core chips, resulting in the discontinuation of …

WinHEC: Web services find way to devices, 05/05/04

Microsoft, Intel, Lexmark International and Ricoh Tuesday detailed new Web services technology designed to make it easier for users to connect devices such as printers, digital cameras and digital …

HP to release dual-processor Itanium module, 05/05/04

HP next month plans to begin shipping a new multiprocessor daughtercard that will double the number of Itanium 2 processors supported by its Integrity servers.