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Interviewing errors

Jun 12, 20032 mins
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* Recruiter Korn/Ferry clues us in on some common interview mistakes

Have you ever walked out of a job interview and just known that you’ve blown it by rambling on? The most common interview mistake is talking too much, according recruiter Korn/Ferry.

Korn/Ferry interviewed more than 300 of its professional recruiters about the most common interviewing errors and compiled the Executive Recruiter Index. The results show that 43% say the most prevalent error is when candidates “talk too much.” The next most frequently occurring mistakes include being unprepared, which was cited by 33% of respondents, and having an over-inflated ego, as chosen by 24%.

“The strongest candidates effectively correlate their experience in a concise and compelling manner,” says Caroline Nahas, regional managing director of Korn/Ferry International’s Southwest Region. “Given the general diminished demand for executives, it is imperative in today’s market that candidates maximize every interview and opportunity.”

Of all the possible interviewing errors, 41% said the one that’s most fatal to a candidate’s chance to win a job is being unprepared. Moreover, 32% of recruiters say an overinflated ego ruins your chances, while 17% say those who are too verbose may just talk their way out of a job. Finally, 9% say having bad hygiene or being a poor dresser will do you in.

So the next time you get ready to sell yourself in an interview, keep in mind these behaviors to avoid.

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