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NetFlash: Trade shows look to lure buyers, not big turnouts

Jun 25, 20032 mins

Trade shows aren’t what they used to be – and that’s a good thing, according to some show promoters. In the past, many shows focused heavily on the brand-awareness angle, trying desperately to grab your attention through flashy presentations so they could get you to clamor for one of their T-shirts. (I remember this time fondly as a period when I never had to buy a pen.) But times have changed, and with fewer attendees, show promoters are trying to ensure that they’re the right attendees.

Trade shows look to lure buyers, not big turnouts

Bouncing back to broadband

Broadband over the wide area is making a bit of a comeback. After the go-go bandwidth boom of the late ‘90s and the resulting stop-stop bandwidth bust, companies are finding that there really are good applications for broadband.

Cisco launches advanced LAN gear for small nets

Cisco this week announced modular and stackable switch gear aimed at bringing features such as advanced quality-of-service controls, voice over IP and security to small and midsize businesses.

HP plans turnkey clustered offering

HP is readying a line of turnkey high-performance Linux cluster products for release at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco this August, a company executive said this week.

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