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VPN client for PDAs works with NetScreen gear

Jun 03, 20032 mins

* Certicom’s VPN client for PDAs interoperable with NetScreen equipment

Wi-Fi is getting a lot of attention lately, and one of the hottest topics is the use of wireless devices at public hot spots.

These are wireless access points placed in public areas and connected to the Internet. They offer users the chance to check e-mail and seek out corporate network resources – but because a wireless LAN is involved, users fear for security.

Many opt to run an IPSec VPN from the remote wireless device, using a software client to communicate with a VPN gateway at corporate headquarters. That way, even if someone manages to eavesdrop on transmissions, they will be encrypted. Data integrity will be maintained.

That’s fine for laptops, but what about handhelds? Certicom for more than two years has been shipping its movianVPN client for handhelds and has enlisted an impressive group of VPN gateway vendors that support it, including Alcatel, Cisco, Check Point, Intel and Nortel.

Recently, Certicom joined the NetScreen Global Security Alliance, which means users of NetScreen gear can now also have movianVPN clients on their PDAs. Both companies certify their gear to be interoperable, so if customers want to use them together, they don’t have to worry that it won’t be possible. The companies have worked out the configuration needed ahead of time so that your implementation goes more smoothly.

While NetScreen has been slow to get this alliance, it’s probably not too late. The company is perennially listed among the leading VPN vendors, and this will be just an added feature. Current customers toying with wireless VPN access for PDAs will find this an added perk.