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Ethernet turns 30 gracefully

Jun 02, 20032 mins

Latest LAN news.

Ethernet turns 30 gracefully, 06/02/03

Everyone probably wishes they looked as good at 30 as Ethernet. Since its invention in 1973, the fabled network technology has evolved from a shared to a dedicated medium and undergone a nearly 1,000-fold speed increase. And along the way it quashed all LAN comers – namely Token Ring, FDDI and ATM.

ESB architecture eases app integration, 06/02/03

There’s a shift under way to tie applications together to create business processes such as online ordering systems. A new category of integration middleware is emerging to help make this a reality – the enterprise service bus. Gartner predicts this new infrastructure will run in the majority of companies by 2005.

What users want from servers, 06/02/03

Performance, reliability and virtualization capabilities top the list of what users want from their servers.

Phones coming to wireless LANs, 05/29/03

It’s an interesting proposition, and one that could have a ripple effect throughout the industry: Combine the success of wireless LANs, the success of mobile phones …

IBM announces eServer pSeries 615 server, 05/28/03

IBM Wednesday will boost the speed and reliability of its Unix server system line with the introduction of the eServer pSeries 615, also known as the p615.

Tough switches introduced, 05/27/03

Earlier this month I heard from a company that doesn’t usually make much noise: N-Tron introduced a series of Fast Ethernet switches intended for industrial environments.